Confessions, in verse

A hobby,
you say?
Why, yes!

Coffee? Coffee. Coffee!

A juxtaposition of letters so beautiful, so perfect.
Like a Greek key.
It had to be Coffee, obviously.
What else was I supposed to fall in love with?

In times such as these,
when we are all trying to be superhuman,
perfect and accomplished,
or to maybe just graduate,
Coffee is a lifeline.

It is the blood that runs in our veins.
A propagandist tool, a cultural icon
and a grad student’s best friend.
Coffee is always there when no one else is — 
when all the lights, including yours, have gone out.

It is a cruel mistress,
an impudent servant who knows it is much needed.
A disease and a cure,
a color and a culture, the identity and pride of entire nations.
Savior of the Earth.

For all of Tea’s royal patronage,
Coffee’s disarming charm is what has all us masses rooting for it.
The reticent, subtle activist, making you oh-so-benevolent as you
drink that fair trade brew
from your local coffee shop,
as your struggle with that damned writer’s block.

Coffee is the illusionist emperor of a kingdom of overachievers,
a pope of a religion of caffeine addiction,
and I am here to spread its gospel.
I believe in Coffee.

It is my addiction and my lifestyle,
my midnight-oil burner, my stress reliever
and my social tool — coffee really is why I still have friends.
Coffee is to me as a muse is to an artist,
as a cofactor is to an enzyme — 
a part of my identity.
It completes me.

If I sell my life away for something, it will be Coffee.
If I invest in anything before the world economy crashes, it will be Coffee.
If I ever write this thesis, it will be dedicated to Coffee.

So, my fellow scientists,
if you ever find me lost,
with failed experiments and ill-fitting data,
wandering and helpless on the streets,
crying for the wisdom of those long gone,
just hand me a delightful cappuccino, with a helix
hidden in the swirl.

Aditi Dubey is a graduate student studying the mechanism of selenocysteine incorporation at Rutgers University Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.