Englund writes about
his ‘passion for parasites’

Paul Englund

“I knew nothing, and had thought nothing, about parasites until 1971,” writes Paul Englund in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. “In fact, if you had asked me before then, I might have commented that parasites were rather disgusting.” Englund, professor emeritus at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, infuses his recent “Reflections” article with a dash of wit and a notable helping of self-awareness. He describes how he first stumbled upon the intriguing world of parasitology — by reading a paper about a parasite found in lizards — and ended up spending the next four decades unraveling the intricacies of kinetoplast DNA replication in trypanosomatids, which cause a handful of devastating human diseases in tropical areas. Read about Englund’s scientific journey.

Angela Hopp Angela Hopp (ahopp@asbmb.org) is editor of ASBMB Today.