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I set out to write a little note to encourage you to take our readership survey. But, as often is the case, I got to thinking and what I planned would be a short note turned into something more.

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You likely know that ours is a small shop. We have one staff reporter (seasoned science writer Raj Mukhopadhyay) and, for this fall, a science-writing intern (Maggie Kuo, who is, let me tell you, setting a very high bar for future interns). Given that we publish, on average, 20 or so articles every month in our magazine, we rely heavily on submissions from readers and from participants of our contributors program.

Our reader-writer submissions often are unpredictable, which I think enlivens our pages. I can’t tell you how many articles we’ve run about issues I didn’t even know were being debated or needed to be debated.

But most importantly, I believe that, by constantly soliciting reader input and submissions, we’re doing our small part to democratize the science news landscape specifically and writing. A newsroom full of journalists isn’t dictating what you read in ASBMB Today. You, as readers and contributors, do.

This is a long way of saying that your submissions, opinions and ideas do matter. This month, we want your opinion about the magazine content. Do you want more stories about new research publications? More advice about careers away from the bench? More stories about controversies? Do you like our science-policy reporting and commentary? Your answers will influence our coverage.

We also want you to tell us a little about yourself. Learning more about who is reading our magazine also informs our content decisions. Are you just starting out in your career or a veteran? Do you work in academia or industry? If we don’t know who you are, then we certainly can’t ask the right questions and pursue the right stories on your behalf.

This is your opportunity to drive the science media narrative. Please take a few minutes to complete our online survey.

Thank you,
Angela Hopp
Editor, ASBMB Today