Plant metabolism

The science behind food and fuel

It’s likely that not a soul would make it to the 2015 ASBMB annual meeting if it weren’t for plant metabolism. And even if a few did make it, they might not have clothes. Or chairs. This most important theme will explore the ways in which plants produce food, fiber, fuel and more under sometimes harsh and changing conditions.

The essentials

The first session will explore how plants make the vitamins and essential amino acids that humans require. Can we encourage plants to produce more for the expanding human population?

Plants + -omics strategies = fruitful

The potential for genetic manipulation and availability of genetic variants make -omics strategies particularly productive when applied to plant systems. The second session will highlight proteomic and lipidomic strategies for understanding plant metabolism.

Seed da lipids

Lipids – your essential fatty acids and fatty-acid derivatives protecting plants from invaders, signaling friends, supporting photosynthesis, saving for the future and assuming control – are the topic of the third session.

Go for the burn

Plants use the energy of the sun to create biomass. The fourth session will examine how we can maximize and harvest green energy to do work.

Edgar Cahoon
Ruth Welti  
Organizers: Edgar Cahoon, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Ruth Welti, Kansas State University