2014 ASBMB degree-certification exam results

It is our pleasure to announce that the following students have passed the 2014 ASBMB certification exam and have earned ASBMB certified degrees:

Texas State University

Jaime Correa
Christine Goertz
Jeffrey Hall
Alexander Johnson
Minh Nguyen


University of Tampa

Oscar Vazquez

Villanova University 

Michael Abdul-Masih
Samantha Cambray
Colin Felter
Kendall Johnson
Melissa Morales
Sarah Mulroy
Gabrielle Pyronneau
Sara G. Radecki
Brendan Shea
Sarah-Ann Willette
Rachel Young


Virginia Tech


Whitney H. Beasley
Sean K. Black
John Bu
Amanda E. Cook
Laura Cramer
Dustin R. Davis
James P. Doherty II
Makaravine Duong
Eric G. Ferguson
Jillian Fons
Taylor M. Galliott
Cameron Gordon
Jennifer Ho
Kathryn Hopkins
Min Ha Hwang
Sujung Kang
Da Sol Kim
Michael Le
Michael A. Leonard
Daeshaun McClintock
Victoria Morrisette
Allison Powell
Recce D. Prussin
Nicolas Rohr
Taylor E. Rose
Don B. Scarboro
Jacob A. Semones
Stephanie Seto
Connor Wander

Of the 193 students who took the exam this year, 154 were from accredited departments/programs.  The rest were from schools that volunteered to take the exam as pilots.  Sixty-seven out of 193 students passed the exam (34.7%).  Of the 67 students who passed, 46 were from accredited schools and had therefore met the requirements for degree certification.  Their names are listed above.  

Weiyi ZhaoWeiyi Zhao (wzhao@asbmb.org) is the ASBMB manager of education and professional development.