Invitation to the ASBMB 2015 annual meeting

Dear readers,

We invite you to attend the exciting 2015 annual meeting of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology that will be held from March 28 through April 1 in Boston.

The 14 themes of the meeting symposia cover the broad range of biomolecules and systems that interest the ASBMB membership. We are certain that you will find new twists in the recent discoveries as well as new areas in which the science is advancing rapidly.

Recurring themes include overturning paradigms (such as the fluid mosaic model for membranes and the assumption that protein structure is necessary for function) and expanding dogmas (such as DNA codes for RNA, which codes for protein) to show the beautifully orchestrated complexity of biological processes.

In transcription and translation, this involves RNA and chromatin modifications and modes of crosstalk. The same level of crosstalk between DNA replication and repair now can be visualized in the act through the application of super-resolution techniques. The scientific programming showcases molecular-level studies of complex processes using the newest tools.

Also, we are pleased to return to the tradition of hosting morning plenary sessions by eminent scientists. See the list of plenary lecturers and their tentative talk titles here.

The programming will incorporate short platform presentations selected from the submitted poster abstracts. Each scientific theme will sponsor a poster competition with cash awards for the winners.

Undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to apply for generous travel awards. Please check the guidelines, and apply if you are eligible

A unique feature of the ASBMB annual meeting is the breadth of the science covered. Held in conjunction with Experimental Biology 2015, the ASBMB sessions and events represent an unrivaled opportunity to learn about the latest discoveries in the range of subdisciplines that fall under the biochemistry and molecular biology umbrellas. Your participation will be rewarded with exposure to new science, the chance to establish collaborations and network, and access to mentoring and career advice.

You will find, as you read the theme summaries provided in the following pages, that the meeting provides great science for all — new approaches and new systems. Submit your abstracts today, and prepare yourselves to hear about the latest exciting advances in biochemistry and molecular biology!

See you in Boston!

Dorothy Beckett,
University of Maryland,
and Mary Roberts,
Boston College