2015 calls for submissions


We know that a life in science can be grueling. We also know that some of you have very interesting or unusual ways of blowing off steam or finding your Zen. We would like to feature your essays, poems, artwork or multimedia reflecting on scientists’ pastimes. We welcome all creative interpretations of the theme. You could send us a photo of you shooting hoops or jumping out of an airplane. You could send us a video of you jamming with your band. You could send us a poem about a childhood hobby or otherwise abandoned escapes. You could write about a hobby enjoyed by someone else — perhaps a figure in science history or one of your mentors. And you could send us a rant about how you don’t have time for such frivolity. 


This collection of essays, poems and artwork will explore generations in a very loosely defined way. You might have come from a family of scientists. You might have insights about parenting while doing science. You might have something to say about generations of cell lines or scientific lines of inquiry. You might have a story to tell about a line of researchers mentored by one scientist. Interpret the theme as you will. It is not a boundary but rather a springboard for the making of meaning. 



Deadline for HOBBIES and GENERATIONS: March 31, 2015. 

Format: We’ll print some; others, we will post online. Some might appear both in print and online. 

Submissions: Email (to asbmbtoday@asbmb.org) your manuscripts as Word documents, static images as JPEG or TIFF files (the higher the resolution the better), audio as mp3 or mp4 files, and videos in something like QuickTime, Vimeo or YouTube. Please indicate to which series you are submitting in your email subject line.