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Thomas Baldwin Formalizing science-communication training for graduate students
by Thomas O. Baldwin

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Seven years ago, when I was struggling to decide on my college major, I was torn between psychology and writing. Eventually, psychology won out, and I put my writing career on hold — hoping that one day I could integrate writing into some other career.
Now I’m in graduate school, where science and research take up the vast majority of my time. I was excited recently to take a class in which I could polish my writing skills and use my newly acquired skills in science to create a new voice as a science writer … I have had the opportunity to meet with several local science writers and to collaborate with fellow students on two articles. In addition, through the course, I was introduced to an opportunity for a summer science-writing internship — an opportunity I actively sought.
This course has taught me new techniques on packaging the science I write about to make it relevant and interesting to others. These are skills I will take with me throughout my career.

Sarah ReinhardSarah Reinhard is pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience.