Location, location, location!

Young scientists repeatedly hear that they will not have the freedom to be selective about where they live when they are searching for faculty positions. Unfortunately, this is true in most cases, especially now, with only about 20 percent of Ph.D.s obtaining academic, tenure-track positions. But this is also great motivation to put a lot of thought into where you will live during graduate school and during your postdoctoral years.

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The cool professor

An evolutionary biologist who blogs under the name Prof-like Substance writes, in part: “When I started my lab, I had a very distinct idea of the type of principal investigator I wanted to be. I had experienced some different styles and observed many others. I knew what my needs were as a graduate student and as a postdoc and recognized gaps in what my mentors had provided for me. Above all, I thought I could navigate that line between friend and boss where all my trainees would both respect me and want to hang out with me. Oh, and I wanted to ride a unicorn to work every day.”

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Quick guide to career fairs

ASBMB Today contributor and career coach Donna Kridelbaugh writes about how to navigate in-person and virtual job fairs.

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