Kinases control cytoskeleton response to cellular stress

Contributor Mariana Figuera-Losada writes about a recent article in the Journal of Biological Chemistry by Yan Y. Yip and colleagues at the University of Melbourne about the complex signaling processes that determine cytoskeleton reorganization in response to cell stress.

A faster, cheaper method to identify genes that cause dyslipidemia

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario have developed a new sequencing method to detect genes responsible for abnormal lipid levels in a variety of patients. Mary Chang, the Journal of Lipid Research's publications manager, reports.

The invisible killer of research?

Ever wonder why the results of cell culture experiments are sometimes difficult to replicate? A recent study in the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics may shed some lights on the secrets behind the complex biological mechanisms. Contributor Shirley H. Tan reports.

Ptashne reflects on the chemistry of gene regulation

Contributor Jane Campanizzi writes about a recent “Reflections” article by Mark Ptashne in The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Talking about JBC’s Best of 2013

The Journal of Biological Chemistry editors spoke with authors of four of the articles named the JBC’s Best of 2013 and have released podcasts of these conversations. Check them out at

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