Researchers examine seasonal affective disorder

Each year, many people experience the “winter blues,” the layman’s term for a particular mood disorder called seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. There’s a lot of information swirling around in popular media about the cause of SAD, but what does science have to say about it? ASBMB Today contributor Diedre Ribbens investigates.

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Q&A with Jonathan Weissman

The plenary speaker for this year’s American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting is Jonathan Weissman of the University of California, San Francisco. An investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Weissman is a protein biochemist whose laboratory focuses on protein folding, amyloid formation and next-generation genomic sequencing.

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Meet John Denu

John Denu at the University of Wisconsin-Madison joined the ranks of The Journal of Biological Chemistry associate editors in July. His laboratory focuses on the roles of reversible protein modifications that are involved in modulating signal transduction, chromatin dynamics and gene activation. In particular, the group studies histone modifications.

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