Na,K-ATPase and related transport ATPases

Structure, mechanism, cell biology, health and disease


Na,K-AT Pase and Related Transport AT Pases: Structure, Mechanism, Cell Biology, Health and Disease
Aug. 30 – Sept. 4
Location: De Werelt Conference Centre, Lunteren, The Netherlands
Organizers: Jan Koenderink, Radboud University Medical Center in The Netherlands, and Thomas Freidrich, Technische Universität Berlin

Jan Koenderink Thomas Freidrich
Koenderink Freidrich

Early registration and abstract submission deadline:
May 29

This symposium continues a longstanding series of conferences on P-type transport ATPases organized every three years since 1973. The conference covers all aspects of the P-type transport ATPases from the molecular level to the role of these enzymes in health and disease.
Whereas several ATPases have extremely important physiological roles as ion transporters, some P-type ATPases are phospholipid transporters. And for many others substrate specificity still has to be assigned. Thus, being much more than ion pumps, P-type ATPases play key roles in cell biology as underscored by their crucial function in many pathogenic processes and their involvement in numerous human inherited diseases. This makes them major pharmacological targets.
Tremendous progress was achieved in recent years toward understanding the function of P-type ATPases by the elucidation of high-resolution crystal structures, which has given way to novel approaches of investigation. Moreover, the scope of new discoveries and medical implications in the field is expanding rapidly.
Altogether, this interdisciplinary symposium aims to assemble biochemical, biophysical, cell biology, genetic, physiological and medical investigators with a strong core of shared interests, providing a platform for fruitful interactions and discussions.