Translating the biophysics of molecular switches

It is a particularly exciting time for studies of small Ras and Rho GTPases! Finally, after decades of cloudy skies, bright spots are emerging as the drugability of these critical molecular switches now appears promising.

Na,K-ATPase and related transport ATPases

This symposium continues a longstanding series of conferences on P-type transport ATPases organized every three years since 1973. The conference covers all aspects of the P-type transport ATPases from the molecular level to the role of these enzymes in health and disease.

Transcriptional regulation

RNA polymerase II and chromatin are instrumental in regulating eukaryotic gene expression. A challenge to current research is to understand how RNA polymerase II coordinates messenger RNA synthesis and processing while contending with the formidable barrier of the nucleosome, resulting in proper cellular regulation and development.

Post-translational modifications

Post-translational modifications, or PTMs, create the enormous structural and functional diversity required to integrate information regarding the nutrient/stress status of the cell and regulate essential cellular functions. There are more than 400 known PTMs, and, almost without exception, virtually all polypeptides are post-translationally modified.

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