Continue the conversation
on Twitter!

Published April 03 2017

You’ve just attended one of the new and fascinating spotlight sessions at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology’s annual meeting. You’re inspired and want to find out what other attendees are saying about the session. What’s one easy way to keep the conversation going and learn more about an area of biochemistry and molecular biology that interests you?

It’s hashtags. 

This year, we’ve assigned hashtags to specific topics to help attendees who share common interests connect on Twitter. When you send a tweet, be it a comment or a picture, simply include the relevant hashtag. That will add your tweet to the stream of tweets with the same hashtag. Depending on whether your Twitter account is set to private or public, including a hashtag will allow anyone who clicks on or searches for that hashtag to see your thoughts and join in the conversation. 

On the right is a handy list of the hashtags. Remember to follow @ASBMB and use #ASBMB2017. We’ll also be posting on Twitter information about lectures, workshops and spotlight sessions to keep you up to date on the meeting.

Allison Frick Allison Frick is the ASBMB’s print and digital media specialist. Follow her on Twitter.