• ASBMB 2016 Annual Meeting

Career Development Sessions

Saturday, April 2, 2016
San Diego Convention Center
Room numbers below

Concurrent afternoon discussions allow you to pick the session that best targets your career stage, goals and interests. You can also move among sessions. This event is open to all attendees, and no registration is required.

Participants are highly encouraged to complete the "Assessment" and "Consider Career Fit" portions of the my IDP program before attending any of the sessions. While we will not collect this information, completing it will allow you to fully engage with the session and get the most out of attending.

Discussion Sessions

Implementing your IDP - Led by Melissa Vaught, National Institutes of Health
San Diego Convention Center, Room 1B
How do you decide what career path to pursue? How do you successfully land a position within that path? Participants will discuss creating an action plan and communicating it to your PI, gaining skills outside the lab, building a resume and networking.

Pathway(s) to Your Own Lab - Led by Chris Heinen (UConn Health Ctr.)
San Diego Convention Center, Room 1A
A no-holds barred question and answer session on becoming a PI of your own lab. There is no single right answer to how this is done, but through shared experiences from the panel and audience members already starting the process, participants at any stage of their postdoc should find helpful hints to achieving success in academia. 

Taking the Industrial Route - Led by Carl Franz (Genentech) and Robert To (Bayer)
San Diego Convention Center, Room 6D
Panel discussion for graduate students and postdocs who are interested in a career in industry. This session is an opportunity to ask questions of those already in the field. Find out if a career in industry may be right for you and what steps you can take now to prepare.