Congressional Meeting Materials

Also available upon request from the Office of Public Affairs is state- and district-specific information, including:

  • The amount of NIH and NSF funding for each district/state
  • The economic impact of NIH on each state
  • Highlights of NIH/NSF-funded research being done at both universities and local businesses
  • Outputs of NIH/NSF-funded research in the district/state

The ASBMB Office of Public Affairs has prepared these documents for use in meetings with members of Congress and their staff. Other than "Meeting talking points" and "Tips for talking to Congress", these documents are intended to be left with the office you are meeting with. 

Meeting talking points - ASBMB recommendations for federal agency funding and other science-related pieces of legislation

Tips for talking to Congress - Pointers on how to best conduct a successful meeting with your representatives and senators

ASBMB tree graphic - Pictorial representation of the wide-reaching effects of federal funding for the NIH and how budget cuts to science-funding agencies affect the nation

Unlimited Potential, Vanishing Opportunity summary - A one-page summary of some of the important take-aways from the Unlimited Potential, Vanishing Opportunity report

Congress must support biomedical research - A rundown of how discovery research can benefit human health

Sparking Economic Growth  - Summary of the "Sparking Economic Growth" document, prepared by The Science Coalition, that identifies successful examples of companies that are the direct result of federal investments in basic research.

Please contact us at  to obtain this information, as well as to discuss how to effectively use these materials during congressional meetings.