Buxser bio

Dr. Buxser’s career has been spent in industry, especially the pharmaceutical industry.  After receiving a Ph.D. in Microbiology (University of Cincinnati Medical School) and a post-doc in Biochemistry (University of Massachusetts Medical School), he worked as a scientist at The Upjohn Company in Discovery Research through a series of corporate changes in ownership typical of the pharmaceutical industry of the time.  After 19 years, he was a co-founder of a start-up company involved in some of their own research as well as contract research.  His primary role in all of these endeavors was as a research scientist leading a lab and small project teams engaged in research on a variety of drug discovery and development topics including antioxidants, multiple sclerosis, and bacterial efflux transporters.  The research involved topics within basic research including microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry, enzyme kinetics, pharmacokinetics, immunology, and oxidant and anti-oxidant balance in cells.  This was a process of taking advantage of opportunities to engage in research on a variety of topics in different scientific disciplines which is more typical of an industrial setting than in academics.  For the last several years he has worked for a company, Nerac headquartered in Tolland ,CT, which provides information resources and consulting to a broad range of other companies, including those engaged in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, environmental, and microbiological research and development.