Program and Speakers

The final program is now availableClick here to view. 
Thurs, Oct 6 begins with a welcome dinner (5:00 pm) and keynote lecture (6:30 pm).
Sessions will conclude at 9:00 pm on Sun, Oct 9, followed by a closing, networking reception. 
Attendees should plan to depart anytime on Mon, Oct 10.

Sessions are expected to center on the following themes:
•    Noncoding RNAs in gene regulation
•    Chromatin Modifications and Cancer
•    Nucleosome Dynamics and Chromatin Remodeling
•    Chromatin Modifications and modification readers
•    Mechanisms of RNA Polymerase Elongation
•    Transcriptional Activation and Signaling
•    Epigenetics
•    RNA Polymerase Mechanisms
•    Co-Transcriptional processes and RNA Processing
•    Structural Biology and Chromatin

Poster Board Dimensions: Size in Inches: 96" wide/long by 48" high/tall.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Keynote: Ali Shilatifard, Feinberg Sch of Med, Northwestern Univ
  • Sundeep Kalantry, Univ of Michigan
  • Karen Adelman, Harvard University
  • Craig Kaplan, Texas A&M Univ
  • Asifa Akhtar, Max-Planck Inst
  • Tatiana Kutateladze, Univ of Colorado Denver Sch of Med
  • Karen Arndt, Univ of Pittsburgh
  • Rong Li, Univ of Texas, San Antonio
  • Cheryl Arrowsmith, MaRS Centre
  • Xin Liu, UT Southwestern Medical Center
  • Laura Banaszynski, UT Southwestern
  • Christoph Mueller, EMBL Heidelberg
  • Blaine Bartholomew, MD Anderson Cancer Ctr
  • Geeta Narlikar, Univ of California San Francisco
  • David Bentley, Univ of Colorado Sch of Med
  • Craig Peterson, Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch
  • Emily Bernstein, Mount Sinai
  • Frank Pugh, Penn State Univ
  • Greg Bowman, Johns Hopkins Univ
  • Srinivas Ramachandran, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Res Ctr
  • Steve Buratowski, Harvard Med Sch
  • Joseph Reese, Penn State Univ
  • Michael Carey, UCLA
  • Francois Robert, IRCM
  • Stirling Churchman, Harvard Med Sch
  • Tomasz Cierpicki, Univ of Michigan
  • Yijun Ruan, The Jackson Lab for Genomic Med
  • Philip Cole, Johns Hopkins Sch of Med
  • Julie Secombe, Einstein Col of Med
  • Jacques Cote, Laval Univ Cancer Res Ctr
  • Xiaobing Shi, M.D. Anderson Cancer Ctr
  • Rivka Dikstein, Weizmann Inst of Science
  • Michael Stallcup, Univ of Southern California Sch of Med
  • Jean-Marc Egly, Inst Genet et Biol Mol et Cell
  • David Stillman, Univ of Utah Sch of Med
  • Joaquin Espinosa, Univ of Colorado Denver Sch of Med
  • Brian Strahl, Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • Michael Feig, Michigan State Univ
  • Vasily Studitsky, Fox Chase Cancer Ctr
  • Tim Formosa, Univ of Utah Sch of Med
  • Dylan Taatjes, Univ of Colorado
  • Eric Galburt, Washington Univ
  • Jason Tanny, McGill Univ
  • David Gilmour, Penn State Univ
  • Bin Tian, Rutgers Univ
  • Or Gozani, Stanford Univ
  • Raymond Trievel, Univ of Michigan
  • Steven Hahn, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Res Ctr
  • Dong Wang, UCSD
  • Steve Henikoff, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Res Ctr
  • Joan Hevel, Utah State Univ
  • Jerry Workman, Stowers Inst
  • Alan Hinnebusch, National Inst of Health
  • Jessie Zhang, Univ of Texas Austin
  • Katherine Jones, The Salk Inst
  • Anthony Imbalzano, Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch