Confirmed Speakers:

Ellis Bell, Univ. of Richmond
Core Concepts in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Michael Cennamo, Columbia University
Blended Learning in the Biochemistry Classroom

Jennifer Fretland, Eli Lilly and Company
Preparing Students for Careers in Industry

Todd Eckdahl, Missouri Western State University
Synthetic Biology for Classroom and Independent Undergraduate Research   

Tim Herman
and Margaret Franzen, MSOE Center for Biomolecular Modeling
Thinking and Teaching with Models

Bruce Horazdovsky, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Preparing Students for the Health Professions

Tuajuanda Jordan
, President, St. Mary's College of Maryland
The more things change, the more they remain the same...in a twisted kind of way 

Angela Klaus, Seton Hall University
Funding Opportunities for Primarily Undergraduate Institutions at the National Science Foundation  

William LaCourse, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Changing the Norm: A Culture of Engaged Learning

Jennifer Loertscher, Seattle University 
Using Threshold Concepts to Guide Changes in the Biochemistry Classroom

Johan Paulsson, Harvard University Medical School
Quantitative Methods in BMB: Current and Future Trends 

Jospeh Provost
, University of San Diego
Broadening Access to a High Impact Practice: Integration of Research into Teaching Laboratories and Classroom

Annie Prud'homme G
énéreux, Quest University Canada
Case Studies in the BMB Classroom

Susan Renoe, University of Missouri
Transforming Undergraduate Education through Broader Impacts 

Martina Rosenberg, University of New Mexico
Discipline-based Education Research (DBER) for and from BMB classrooms and curricula    

Christopher Shaffer, Washington University in St. Louis
Expanding Undergraduate Research Experiences Using Bioinformatics