Transforming Undergraduate Education in Molecular Life Sciences

An ASBMB Special Symposium

SAVE THE DATE: July 30-August 2, 2015  

Missouri Western State University, St. Joseph, Missouri
Meeting Program

Organizers:          Sponsors:
 Caldwell 2015 Huff 2015  Vega 2015


Benjamin D. 
 Missouri Western
State University
Mary O. Huff
Quinn Vega
 Montclair State



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This special symposium will bring together both new and experienced educators to share, synthesize, and generate effective classroom strategies in undergraduate molecular life science courses.  Through a series of presentations, workshops, and open discussions led by successful educators in the field, the most recent strategies identified to improve student learning and success in undergraduate biochemistry and molecular biology courses will be highlighted.  Presentations and workshops will demonstrate how these strategies have been implemented in first year courses as well as upper division lecture and specialized laboratory sessions, providing a comprehensive view on how to invigorate the undergraduate curriculum.  In addition, discussions focused on evaluating these strategies for publication or grant submission will be included.  Throughout the symposium, there will also be extensive opportunities to discuss educational strategies with speakers and other attendees as well as opportunities to gain assistance with future course design. Confirmed speakers here