Science Outreach: Models, Methods and Measures

October 3-6, 2018; New York, NY

Organized by: Jeanne Garbarino, The Rockefeller University; Hannah Alexander, Univ. of Missouri; Edwin Li, Saint Joseph's Univ.

Meeting Description 

The importance of science outreach has risen exponentially in recent years, but the field suffers from a lack of coordination and professionalization. At present there is no sustained, organized effort to connect individuals who work in this space, provide them with professional development training or supply them with best practices. This symposium is therefore a novel opportunity for members of the science outreach community to connect and engage with each other in order to examine how to more effectively bring science to non-expert audiences through different approaches and formats. Discussions at this meeting will tackle several of the biggest issues that currently affect the field, focusing on the “whats,” “wheres” and “hows” of science outreach. 

Important Dates

July 19: Oral programming abstract submission deadline
August 14: Discounted symposium registration deadline
August 30: Poster programming abstract submission deadline
September 12: Symposium registration deadline
September 13: Registration cancellation deadline