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The Many Faces of Kinases and Pseudokinases

December 9-12, 2018; San Diego, CA
Organized by: Susan Taylor, Univ. of California in San Diego; James Murphy, Walter and Eliza Hall Inst. of Medical Research; Natarajan Kannan, Univ. of Georgia

Meeting Description

The main themes of this meeting are (1) the non-catalytic functions of kinases and pseudokinases and (2) applying these functions in allosteric drug targeting.

This meeting will allow specific focus on a largely unexplored, yet rapidly advancing area of biology. The concept of kinases, as well as the newer area of pseudokinases, having non-catalytic functions is an emerging idea in science. We intend to expand discussion of these functions with topics such as their evolution, contribution to structure and signaling, and the allosteric regulation of kinases and pseudokinases by other kinases and pseudokinases (and other proteins). The meeting’s goal is to also increase collaboration and engagement of the scientific community and industry partners who are interested in drug applications of kinases and pseudokinases’ non-catalytic functions.

Important Dates

September 12 18 (deadline extended): Oral programming abstract submission deadline 
September 25: Discounted symposium registration deadline 
October 15: Poster programming abstract submission deadline 
November 1: Symposium registration deadline 
November 6: Registration cancellation deadline


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