• SpecSymp3

Emerging Roles for the Nucleolus


October 26-29, 2017, Kansas City, MO
Organized by: Jennifer Gerton, Stowers Inst. for Med. Res., Thoru Pederson, Univ. of Massachusetts Med. Sch.

Meeting Description 

The symposium will focus on nucleolar structure and function addressing fundamental questions in this area of research requires the involvement of researchers with a wide range of scientific expertise. The sessions at this symposium were carefully designed to bring together researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds in order to make connections across disciplines and promote collaboration. The symposium is intended to include scientists working in chromosome biology, rRNA biology, cell biology, biophysics, genomics, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

Important Dates

August 3: Oral programming abstract submission deadline
August 21: Discounted symposium registration deadline
August 30: Poster programming abstract submission deadline
September 14: Symposium registration deadline
September 21: Registration cancellation deadline