National Institutes of Health

Funding for educational programs comes from numerous individual institutes and centers across the NIH.








Science Education Partnership Awards program 


Increases the pipeline of future scientists and clinicians, especially from minority, underserved, and rural kindergarten to grade 12 students; and engages and educates the general public on the health-related advances made possible by NIH-funded research. 





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Research Education Grants 


Supports creative and innovative research educational programs to facilitate the development of a cadre of investigators in appropriate scientific areas to fulfill the objectives of the NIMH Strategic Plan. 





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Administrative Supplements for Summer Research Experiences for Students and Science Teachers 


Increases the number, and elevates the credentials, of the pool of applicants to graduate programs in the environmental health sciences. 


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Science Education Drug Abuse Partnership Award 


Funds the development and evaluation of innovative programs and materials for enhancing knowledge and understanding of neuroscience and the biology of drug abuse and addiction among K-12 students, the general public, health care practitioners, and other groups. 





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Short-Term Education Program for Underrepresented Persons 


Builds and sustains a biomedical, behavioral, clinical and social science research pipeline focused on NIDDK mission areas. 


Education Program Grants 


Creates educational opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in areas of biomedical or behavioral research of particular interest to the NIDDK, while fostering the career development of these students and fellows. 





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Initiative to Maximize Research Education in Genomics 


Ensures that the next generation of genome scientists will have adequate representation from populations that are currently underrepresented in genomic science as researchers.