Mike Klymkowsky

 Mike Klymkowsky-2 

University of Colorado 

Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Development Biology  

Contact Information:
University of Colorado
347 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309
Tel: 303-492-8508

Mike Klymkowsky is professor of molecular, cellular and developmental biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder and co-director of CU TEACH, the University’s science and teacher recruitment and certification program. Mike has been named the 2013 Outstanding Undergraduate Science Teacher by the Society for College Science Teachers/ National Science Teachers Association. His current biology projects use the clawed frog Xenopus to study aspects of gene function and developmental processes not readily apparent in other systems. In addition, he is actively involved in a number of educational research projects. These include a revised introductory course in molecular biology, Biofundamentals, and together with Melanie Cooper (Michigan State University), a new approach to introductory chemistry - CLUE (Chemistry, Life, the Universe and Everything), and a graphics-based formative assessment system, beSocratic   

Mike is an active participant in the MadSci Network, answering technical questions in areas of modern biology for nearly a decade. He has also been involved in various public presentations in strategies for teaching evolutionary biology more effectively.  

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