Public Outreach Committee Overview

The Public Outreach Committee (POC) is responsible for organizing and coordinating science outreach activities for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB).  


The POC is comprised of members of the ASBMB community who have significant personal experience in science outreach. Read about their activities at our committee member page. 

The committee members have developed a framework that outlines and guides the committee's actions.  

Find the committee's mission and vision statements here   

Click here to read the committee's strategic plan. 



The POC has identified four major themes that will focus and define the types of activities that are pursued: 

1. Increase professional support and recognition of the effectiveness of science outreach (learn more)

2. Provide opportunities for scientists to develop their communication skills (learn more)

3. Use ASBMB resources to promote science outreach to K-12 communities (learn more)

4. Increase public appreciation and awareness of the everyday benefits of science (learn more)



The committee provides opportunities for ASBMB members to get involved with informal education and science outreach in their local communities, as well as nation-wide events and programs. To find an event in your community, check out our events page.