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ASBMB History

VIDEO: John Abel
Lecture, 1930

ASBMB Centennial Videos

Herbert Tabor

Mildred Cohn

Arthur Kornberg

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All Staff

Executive Office

  Barbara A. Gordon, Executive Director,  

  Stephen Miller, CPA, Deputy Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer,  

  W. Taylor Monson, MA, Administrator for Executive Office, Board of Directors, & Committees,


 Accounting and Membership Department

Membership Phone: 240-283-6604

Membership Fax: 301-881-2080

  Ned Maher, Account Manager,  

  Colin Preston, Staff Accountant,

  Michael Forcinito, Circulation Manager,  

  Maria Hernandez, Accounting, Membership/Subscription Coordinator,  

  Cindy Whalen, Membership Coordinator,  

 Renee Collins, Receptionist,


Meetings Department  

  Joan Geiling, Meetings Manager,  

  Danielle King, Meetings Assistant Manager,


Public Affairs Department  

  Benjamin Corb, Director of Public Affairs,  

  Andrè Porter, Policy Analyst,


Education & Professional Development Department  

  Andrew N. Macintyre, Ph.D., Education and Professional Development Manager,

  Erica A. Siebrasse, Ph.D., Education and Professional Development Manager,

  Nadine Gombakomba, Student Chapters Coordinator, 


Communications Department

Communications Department Phone: 240-283-6614

  Angela Hopp, Communications Director & ASBMB Today Executive Editor,   

  Rajendrani (Raj) MukhopadhyayPh.D., Managing Editor of ASBMB

  Allison Frick, Print & Digital Media Specialist,

  Valerie Masterson, Print & Digital Designer,  


Marketing Department  

  Jennifer Dean, MBA, Director of Marketing,


Public Outreach Department

  Geoff Hunt, Ph.D., Manager of Public Outreach,

  Mariela Trejo, Public Outreach Intern,


 Information Technology Department

  Wayne Iobst, Manager of Information Technology,

  Ed Marklin, Systems Operations Manager,  

  Jamal Sheikh, Software Engineer,


Publications Department

Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC),
Journal of Lipid Research (JLR),
Molecular & Cellular Proteomics (MCP),  

 Nancy Rodnan, Senior Director of Publications,  

 Kaoru (Carol) Sakabe, Ph.D., Manager of Publishing Issues,

 Julie Finnegan Stoner, Publishing Technology Manager,  

 Mary L. Chang, ELS, Publications Manager, JLR,   

 Catherine Goodman, Ph.D., Scientific Editor, JBC, 

 Emily Huff, Publications Manager, MCP,

 Saddiq Zahari, Ph.D., Manager of Compliance, MCP,

 Jeanne Gladfelter, Manager, Peer Review Coordinators,

 Joan Cuthbert, Editorial Production Coordinator,  

 Ciaran Finn, Peer Review Coordinator/Web Publishing Assistant,  

 Pam Booth, Peer Review Coordinator,

 Erik Chaulk, Peer Review Coordinator,

 Davia Grant, Peer Review Coordinator,

 Tracey Kirkbride, Peer Review Coordinator, 

 Jennifer Clark, Publications Department Executive Assistant,


ASBMB 11200 Rockville Pike, Suite 302, Rockville, MD 20852-3110 USA
Ph: 240-283-6600240-283-6600 Fax: 301-881-2080