ASBMB Member Benefits

The ASBMB has supported the careers and research of biochemists and molecular biologists for over 100 years. We pride ourselves in the success of our members and hope you will become part of the largest organization in the world for the advancement of biochemistry and molecular biology. In addition to the member benefits below, ASBMB members also receive benefits through the society’s alliance with the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB).


  • Publication discounts: Regular ASBMB members who publish as the corresponding author receive reduced publication fees and FREE color figures in all ASBMB journals. Average savings are $350. More 
  • Free individual journal subscriptions: ASBMB members receive free online subscriptions to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the Journal of Lipid Research and the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. Online journal access provides the most current research at your fingertips. More
  • Free subscription to ASBMB Today: ASBMB members receive a mailed copy of the monthly magazine. It includes feature stories about prominent and emerging scientists and about issues of concern to researchers; columns by ASBMB committee members and staff members; news items related to science policy and funding; and articles about what it’s like to teach and study science and to conduct research today.  More 
  • ASBMB newsletter: Keep up to date on ASBMB initiatives and activities with the monthly digital newsletter. Check your inbox the second week of each month.
  • Reduced rates on non-ASBMB journal subscriptions: ASBMB members receive significant discounts on many scientific journals. Click here for a complete listing of non-ASBMB journals available to you. You can place an order when renewing your membership dues or at any time by contacting the membership office at

 Career Development

  •  Career resources:  Job board and job blog, which explore careers and available positions within those paths; career advice, career path exploration and "how-to" guides; information on career paths; and monthly spotlights on successful scientists from diverse backgrounds. More
  •  Career symposia: ASBMB-sponsored meetings for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with opportunities to network and learn about different careers. More
  •  Training: Annual grant-writing and mentorship workshop for early-career faculty and postdoctoral researchers ( more ) and science communications course ( more ).   
  •  Partnership for diversity: A monthly e-newsletter dedicated to diversity-related news and opportunities. More  
  •  Summer research database for undergraduates: Check the database regularly for research opportunities More  
  •  Write for ASBMB Today and the Substrate: The ASBMB Today member magazine editor welcomes personal essays, editorials and story ideas. Email
      The Substrate is the news source for ASBMB Student Chapters student and faculty members. If you are interested in contributing, please contact
  •  Member directory: Search for potential colleagues and collaborators in our member directory. More    



  •  Accreditation and certification exam: The ASBMB accredits departments and programs that offer bachelor’s degrees in biochemistry, molecular biology or related subjects. Students in accredited programs are eligible to take the ASBMB certification exam. More
  •  ASBMB Student Chapters:   The ASBMB Student Chapters is devoted to building a national network of undergraduate students and faculty for the advancement of research, education and science outreach. More
  •  Undergraduate education: Concept-driven teaching resources, assessment tools and course materials for undergraduate faculty in biochemistry and molecular biology.  More
  •  ASBMB Hands-on Opportunities to Promote Engagement in Science (HOPES) program: HOPES seed grants incentivize and support the development of outreach programs and partnerships among teachers and researchers. More
  • Awards and honors: Members at all career stages can receive travel awards to attend the ASBMB annual meeting (more). Undergraduates also have access to numerous funding awards for research and outreach. Exceptional members of the ASBMB Student Chapters can be nominated for election to the National BMB Honor Society (more). The society also maintains a list of scholarships, awards and fellowships (more).

Meeting Discounts

  • Annual Meeting: ASBMB members receive discounted registration to the ASBMB annual meeting, in conjunction with the Experimental Biology conference. Depending on your membership level, you could receive up to 56 percent off. More 
  • Special symposia series: ASBMB members receive discounted registration to the ASBMB Special Symposia. With four to six meetings per year, this small-meetings program provides specific or under-represented scientific communities opportunities to present unique, cutting-edge science and to network. More   

Public Policy Initiatives

  • A voice on capitol hill: Your public affairs team meets regularly with members of Congress and officials at funding agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, about issues of concern to ASBMB members. More  
  • ASBMB Local Advocacy Network: Become part of the ASBMB Local Advocates Network to take an active role in seeking government support and funding for discovery and translational bioscience.  More

Need more information?
To learn more about ASBMB membership, contact our membership office at or call 240-283-6604.