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Lecture, 1930

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ASBMB–Fritz Lipmann Lectureship

The ASBMB–Lipmann Lectureship is chosen every two years by the Program Committee. This lectureship is awarded bi-annually.

The Fritz Lipmann Lectureship was established by friends and colleagues of Fritz Lipmann and is awarded every other year for conceptual advances in biochemistry, bioenergetics or molecular biology. The award winner is chosen by the meeting program committee. The lectureship provides a plaque, $3,000, transportation and expenses to the ASBMB annual meeting to present a lecture.


2015 – Rachel Klevit
2013 – Olke C. Uhlenbeck
2011 – Arthur E. Johnson
2009 – Douglas Rees
2007 – Ronald M. Evans
2005 – Christopher T. Walsh
2003 – Roderick MacKinnon

2001 – Heidi Hamm
1999 – Stephen W. Fesik
1997 – Ulrich Hartl
1995 – James E. Rothman

1993 – Helmut Beinert
1991 – Wayne A. Hendrickson
1989 – Joan A. Steitz


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