September Research Spotlight on Jean-Philippe Gourdine

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Jean-Philippe Gourdine is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at Emory University in Atlanta.&#160; Gourdine has studied and worked all over the world including Grenoble, France where he completed his first postdoc at the National Center for Scientific Research, London, where Gourdine studied protein biochemistry at Westminster University and Imperial College, and Guadeloupe where Gourdine completed in his Ph.D. in Marine Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.&#160; Outside of work Gourdine enjoys music, hiking, traveling, reading, and participating in science cafés.&#160; <a href="/Page.aspx?id=17857" title="Jean-Philippe Gourdine"><font color="#68a1c2">Read more about Jean-Philippe Gourdine, Ph.D.</font></a