2013 Program Planning Committee


Program Co-Chairs

Carol A. Fierke
University of Michigan
Email: fierke@umich.edu  

Patrick Sung
Yale University
Email: patrick.sung@yale.edu  

Theme Organizers

Mechanisms of gene transcription and regulation 

Stephen Buratowski
Harvard Medical School
Email: steveb@hms.harvard.edu  

Geeta Narlikar
Email: Geeta.Narlikar@ucsf.edu  

Genome replication and repair

Stephen Bell
Email: spbell@mit.edu  

Lei Li
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Email: leili@mdanderson.org  

RNA function and protein synthesis

Rachel Green
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Email: ragreen@jhmi.edu  

Daniel Herschlag
Stanford University
Email: herschla@stanford.edu  

glycan regulation of signaling pathways

Pamela Stanley
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Email: pamela.stanley@einstein.yu.edu  

Lance Wells
University of Georgia
Email: lwells@ccrc.uga.edu  

Protein modification, trafficking and degradation

Daniel Finley
Harvard Medical School
Email: daniel_finley@hms.harvard.edu  

Maurine Linder
Cornell University
Email: mel237@cornell.edu  

lipids and membranes

Tobias Baumgart
University of Pennsylvania
Email: baumgart@sas.upenn.edu  

Marion B. Sewer
Email: msewer@ucsd.edu  

Chemical and systems biology

Shelley D. Copley
University of Colorado, Boulder
Email: shelley.copley@colorado.edu  

Anna K. Mapp
University of Michigan
Email: amapp@umich.edu  

catalytic mechanisms

Enrique M. De La Cruz
Yale University
Email: enrique.delacruz@yale.edu  

Catherine Drennan
Email: cdrennan@mit.edu   

mechanisms of signal transduction

Kun-Liang Guan
Email: kuguan@ucsd.edu  

Carol Lange
University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center
Email: lange047@umn.edu  

triple negative breast cancer

This theme is sponsored by the ASBMB Minority Affairs Committee 

KiTani Parker Johnson
Xavier University of Louisiana
Email: kparker1@xula.edu  

Gloria Thomas
Xavier University of Louisiana
Email: gthomasphd@gmail.com  


This theme is sponsored by the ASBMB Education and Professional Development Committee 

Peter J. Kennelly
Virginia Tech
Email: pjkennel@vt.edu 

Dorit Zuk
Email: zukd@mail.nih.gov