2011 Annual Meeting Award Lecture Presentations


Stark_2011Herbert Tabor/
Journal of Biological Chemistry Lectureship

George R. Stark
Cleveland Clinic
"Genetic Analysis of Signaling Pathways in Human Cells"

Collins_2011Francis S. Collins
National Institutes of Health
"NIH and the Biomedical Research Community: Opportunities and Concerns"
Sponsored by the ASBMB Public Affairs Advisory Committee 

 Avanti Young Investigator Award in Lipid Research
Charles E. Chalfant
VCU School of Medicine
"Ceramide and Ceramide-1-phosphate: Enigmatic Lipids Generating New Signaling Paradigms"

Dang_2011Chi Van Dang
 Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
"Back to the Future: Cancer Genes and Metabolic Pathways" 

Hannun_2011Avanti Award in Lipids

Yusuf Hannun
 Medical University of South Carolina
"Sphingomyelinases in the regulation of ceramide formation and function" 


Gottesman_2011Michael M. Gottesman
National Institutes of Health
"What Have We Learned about Multidrug Resistance in Cancer?" 

Dekker_2011ASBMB Young Investigator Award
Job Dekker
University of Massachusetts Medical School
"Three-dimensional Folding of Genomes" 

 Samson_2011Leona Samson
 Massachusetts institute of Technology
"The Pros and Cons of DNA Repair" 


Kerfeld_2011ASBMB Award for Exemplary Contributions to Education
Cheryl A. Kerfeld
Structural Genomics and Education Programs at the Department of Energy's Joint Genome Institute, and UC Berkeley
"Sequence and Consequence" 

Brunger_2011DeLano Award for Computational Biosciences
Axel T. Brunger
 Stanford University
"Towards Structural Biology with Single Molecules" 

Brown_Goldstein_2011Earl and Thressa Stadtman Distinguished Scientist Award
Michael S. Brown and Joseph L. Goldstein
 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
"The SREBP Pathway: Stadtman's Paradigm Applied to Cholesterol" 


Johnson_2011 Fritz Lipmann Lectureship
Arthur E. Johnson
Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine
"Membrane Protein Biogenesis" 

Gutierrez-Hartmann_2011 Ruth Kirschstein Diversity in Science Award
Arthur Gutierrez-Hartmann
 University of Colorado-Denver School of Medicine
"The Role of the ETS Transcription Factor ESE-1 in Breast Cancer"

Moore_2011William C. Rose Award
Melissa J. Moore
 HHMI, University of Massachusetts Medical School
"Into the CoSMoS: Ordered and Dynamic Assembly of Single Spliceosomes"