Committee Overview

The Science Outreach and Communication Committee has identified four major themes that define the committee’s outlook:

  1. Increase professional support and recognition of the effectiveness of science outreach
  2. Provide opportunities for scientists to develop their communication skills
  3. Use ASBMB resources to promote science outreach to K-12 communities
  4. Increase public appreciation and awareness of the everyday benefits of science

Each program, activity and event sponsored or organized by the committee relates back to one (and sometimes several) of these themes.

To maximize the efficiency of its efforts, the committee collaborates with both local and national groups. These partnerships allow for the development of a set of interwoven ground-level efforts, helping to build a national outreach network. The committee also works closely with other ASBMB committees on areas of overlap.

The committee also represents ASBMB within the growing outreach/public engagement community, providing a voice for the society at events such as the Broader Impacts Summit and International Public Science Events Conference.

The committee has a monthly teleconference, and meets in person every fall.