Jennifer Van Eyk: MCP-sponsored lecturer at the 16th Human Proteome Organisation World Congress

Jennifer Van Eyk will give a plenary lecture, "Changing the Course and Impact of Chronic Disease: Personalizing Medicine," on Sept. 20 at the HUPO World Congress in Dublin, Ireland. To find out more about MCP-sponsored lectureships, including information on past lecturers, please visit the MCP site .

New Targeted Mass Spec Guidelines Implemented

As of June 26 , MCP requires new guidelines for papers describing the development and application of targeted mass spectrometry measurements of peptides, modified peptides and proteins. Please read this editorial for more information about the guidelines. 

MCP special issue: Proteomics in Infectious Disease

 This special collection of 20 articles, coordinated by Ileana Cristea at Princeton University, highlights and celebrates the contribution of proteomics to fundamental discoveries in infectious disease research. Learn more

MCP Special Issue: Call for Papers - Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics Special Issue

Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics Call for PapersMay 4, 2015 - Molecular & Cellular Proteomics invites submissions for a special issue on chromatin biology and epigenetics.  

Epigenetics refers to mechanisms that regulate gene expression in the absence of DNA sequence changes (e.g., histone post-translational modifications [PTMs], DNA modifications, and small non-coding RNAs). In recent years, epigenetic mechanisms have been found to impact a diverse amount of fundamental biological functions and human diseases. In keeping with the broad scope of chromatin and epigenetics, we seek contributions of a diverse nature. Both mini-reviews and original research papers are encouraged.
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