Special issue of MCP: Multiomics studies of cancerResearchers surfing this multiomics wave report a plethora of new tools and approaches this month in a special issue of the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics devoted to integrating multiple omics.
MCP introduces new manuscript guidelines

In the January issue of MCP, the editors introduce the finalized  Data-Independent Acquisition Guidelines . These guidelines will be in effect for all papers submitted to the journal beginning in April.  Read the editorial here

MCP Introduces Graphical Abstracts

Starting this month, get an easy visual grasp on articles in MCP with graphical abstracts! Three articles in the November issue feature graphical abstracts, highlights and synopses designed to help readers flag papers of interest quickly. Look for them in the TOC and on article pages .

Visualizing MCP articles

MCP soon will include three new elements in each article – a graphical abstract, bulleted highlights, and an "in brief" statement. Read the editorial for more information

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