JBC is #OnAMission

We're bringing significant, enduring research to the scientific community. Want to know more? Find out what we take pride in, what changes we've been making and where we're headed at , or get the overview from Editor-in-Chief Lila Gierasch in her recent interview with EB TV .

JBC through the expert's eye

Introducing Editors' Picks Highlights! These short, authoritative articles will help you deconstruct the context, conclusions and open questions surrounding Editors' Picks papers. Check out the first two Highlights on P450 regioselectivity and viral fusion , and keep watching this page for more.

JBC's year in focus

How can you find great JBC content? Start with our Highlights of 2016 – 23 papers that are emblematic of the exciting work we've published in the past year. And don't forget our Minireview compendium – 37 reviews that will bring you up to speed on intrinsically disordered proteins, signaling models and more. All of these are free to read!

Planning to publish research funded by Wellcome Trust?

You can submit to any ASBMB journal with confidence. The Journal of Biological Chemistry , Journal of Lipid Research and Molecular & Cellular Proteomics comply with the funder's publisher requirements .

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