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JBC Thematic Minireview Series - Molecular Basis of Selection of Metals by Enzymes

July 26, 2016 — This ninth Metals in Biology Thematic Series deals with the fundamental issue of why certain enzymes prefer individual metals. Why do some prefer sodium and some potassium? Is it just the size? Why does calcium have so many regulatory functions? Why do some proteins have an affinity for zinc? How is the homeostasis of calcium and zinc achieved? How do enzymes discriminate between the similar metals magnesium and manganese? Four Minireviews address these and related questions about metal ion preferences in biological systems.

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JBC Thematic Minireview Series - Biofilms

April 21, 2016 — The biofilms that many bacteria and fungi produce enable them to form communities, adhere tightly to surfaces, evade host immunity, and resist antibiotics. Pathogenic micro-organisms that form biofilms are very difficult to eradicate and thus are a frequent source of life threatening, hospital acquired infections. This series of five minireviews from the Journal of Biological Chemistry provides a broad overview of our current understanding of biofilms and the challenges that remain.

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