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2015 Undergraduate Poster Competition winnersAAwardApril 7, 2015 -- Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 19th Annual Undergraduate Poster Competition. 

April 2015 Issue of ASBMB Today

April 2015 – On our cover, we feature Vikram Mulligan's stunning artwork, which he creates when he's not doing protein-folding research at the University of Washington. Our Defying Stereotypes series continues with a story about two professional cheerleaders who teach and study science.  

March 2015 Issue of ASBMB Today

March 2015 ASBMB TodayMarch, 2015 — As the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting approaches, we have lots of information to share with you! Be sure to check out our coverage of the ASBMB annual award winners and plenary lecturers, all of whom will give talks in Boston later this month. On our cover, we feature Jerry Greenfield, the scientific brain behind the Ben & Jerry's ice cream brand.

2015 ASBMB Honor SocietyBMB BlackboardFebruary 24, 2015 -- 36 juniors and seniors have been inducted into the ASBMB Honor Society in recognition of their scholarly, research and outreach achievements. Learn more.

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