ASBMB Today June-July 2019

In this issue, we address the issue of legally mandated mental health accommodations for trainees and researchers in the life sciences. We also look at ketamine, a fast-acting drug that offers a new way to treat depression, and invite you to meet a Princeton postdoc who studies the link between metabolism and aging.

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ASBMB program accreditation

ASBMB accreditation provides recognition for upholding the highest standards of excellence and innovation in biochemistry and molecular biology education. The next application deadline is Oct. 1.

Your voice can help broaden America's STEM workforce

The ASBMB's Public Affairs Advisory Committee is working to advance legislation that will influence the makeup of the nation's scientific workforce. The STEM Opportunities Act (H.R. 2528) directs federal agencies and universities to reduce barriers for women and underrepresented minorities seeking to participate in STEM training and careers. Tell your lawmakers to support the bill .

ASBMB Today May 2019

For a lipid to be clinically useful, researchers must agree on its identity and on how much of it to expect in a healthy person. In this issue, Laurel Oldach chronicles the field-wide effort to work toward such agreements. And we talk to JBC associate editor Karin Musier–Forsyth about her research and teaching.
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