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A Note on Scientific Ethics2013 ASBMB report on funding survey -- news item iconSeptember 18, 2014 -- The Substrate, the Undergraduate Affiliate Network's blog, examines ethical questions in research and what may be learned from the past. Learn more. 

ASBMB Accreditation 101

Accreditation StampSeptember 9, 2014 -- What does ASBMB accreditation mean for your department or program?  What are the requirements for accreditation?  What are the application procedures?  How will ASBMB accreditation benefit your program and students?  More...


Online Now: September 2014 issue of ASBMB Today

ASBMB Today cover September 2014The September issue is chock-full of great reads! It marks the launch of an exciting series of articles about people who were trained in science but who have made their livings (and sometimes fortunes) in totally different professions. First up: punks who publish! In the second column of his presidency, Steve McKnight gives you his take on why the review process isn't what it should be. You'll notice we have included a number of obituaries for ASBMB members this month. One is about Roy P. Mackal, who chose a very different path than most biochemists. Lastly, we close out our Open Letters series with a piece by Kelly Hallstrom, who has some advice for the most recent cohort of graduate students. Read the September issue

Fourty-six new graduates received certified degrees from ASBMB

Exclaimation PointSeptember 9, 2014 -- One-hundred-and-ninety-three students took the 2014 ASBMB Degree Certification Exam this spring.  It is our pleasure to announce that the following students successfully passed the exam and have been awarded an ASBMB certified degree.  More...



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