ASBMB Today November 2019

Science writer John Arnst talks to researchers who use cryo-electron microscopy to study recently identified giant viruses that steal the genes of their prey. We also meet Sean Davidson, a Journal of Lipid Research associate editor, and talk to the 12 researchers who will receive awards at the 2020 ASBMB annual meeting. Read the November issue .

ASBMB Today October 2019

This month, we look at how the founder of Impossible Foods used biochemistry to build a beefy-tasting plant-based burger. Also, meet Elaine Fuchs, one of the first researchers to study skin-derived stem cells, and Sandhya Visweswariah, a biochemist and groundbreaker for women in India.

Read the October issue.

Science policy podcast

Listen to the newest episode of Pipettes & Politics to learn about the impact of continuing resolutions on federally funded academic research and the potential stalling effects of recent developments in politics on the fiscal year 2020 appropriations process.

ASBMB Today September 2019

This month, we look at efforts to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a genetic disease that affects one in 3,500 male babies. And you can read all about the eight thematic sessions planned for the 2020 ASBMB annual meeting in San Diego.

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