ASBMB Today August 2018

In our special August careers issue you’ll find inspiration, advice and stories from professionals at all stages of their career journeys. Also — an interview with Jerry Hart, the ASBMB’s new president; an essay on the perils of a colorblind ideology, and a remembrance of Nobel Prize winner Paul Boyer.
Read the August issue.

Where are all the science jobs?The number and types of science jobs out there fluctuate with workforce demands, and qualifications change based on these trends. Thus, it is important for early-career scientists to track hiring trends within the science and technology labor markets. This ASBMB jobs blog post has some tips for doing that.
August is for AdvocacyEvery August, the ASBMB organizes regional meetings with the local offices of their congressional representatives to provide our members with the opportunity to advocate for basic research. If you are interested in lending your voice to the ASBMB's Summer Advocacy campaign, you can register here.
ASBMB Today May 2018

This month we look at the puzzle of Parkinson’s disease and recent efforts to address the aggregation of misfolded alpha-synuclein before it reaches the brain. JBC associate editor Chris Whitfield talks about his research into bacterial polysaccharides. And Bill Sullivan explains how to serve up a killer research seminar. Read the May issue .

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