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This Wednesday- Join us for ASBMB Journal Club!ASBMB Journal ClubNovember 11, 2014- Join us for our next ASBMB Journal Club, "Biomarker Discovery and Validation," on Wednesday November 12 at 2 PM Eastern. For more information, including how to participate, click here.


Online Now: November 2014 issue of ASBMB Today

November 2014 ASBMB TodayNovember 4, 2014 — The November issue has something for just about everyone. In the mood for something serious? Our big feature story is about thalidomide, a drug that in the 1950s was found to cause severe birth deformities but that today is used as a cancer therapy. Need a pick-me-up? This month's installment of our "Defying stereotypes" series profiles Nina Davuluri, a brainy beauty queen who advocates for STEM education. Like a little controversy? Read two reader responses to ASBMB President Steve McKnight's September column about study sections, and read McKnight's latest column defending his record when it comes to supporting early-career scientists. Need something super cool to post on social media? Check out these pretty images from the FASEB BioArt contest. Lastly, consider taking our reader survey so that we can better serve you. We hope you enjoy the November issue!

Read the November issue.
November Research Spotlight on Dr. William Clemons

William Clemons_CroppedNovember 3, 2014 -- Dr. Clemons is a professor of biochemistry at the California Institute of Technology. His research lab at Caltech focuses on the biogenesis of membrane proteins. Learn more. 

Natural InspirationLeptospira bacteriaOctober 15, 2014 -- What do solar power plants, skin grafts, Velcro, and surf boards have in common? We didn't invent them without some creative inspiration from nature. Read the new post on ASBMB's undergraduate blog, The Substrate. More. 

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