Career video series

The ASBMB kicked off a video series of experts discussing their paths to different careers as partof our career resources collection . In one, Robert To, Ph.D., of Bayer Healthcare describes his journey from research to regulation. Watch the video

Q&A with Aziz SancarCheck out our interview with Aziz Sancar at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, who received part of the 2015 Nobel Prize in chemistry.
ASBMB President Natalie Ahn's columnIn the October issue of ASBMB Today, ASBMB President Natalie Ahn writes about the ASBMB's identity and annual meeting.
Zeitlinger receives Neaves Award

Julia Zeitlinger, associate investigator at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City, Mo., received the 2015 Neaves Award for her innovative approach to studying genome regulation.

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