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November 2019 
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Giant gene thieves

Giant gene thieves

From Siberian ice cores to Australian lake beds, massive viruses are changing what we know about evolutionary biology and viral structure.  


Meet Sean Davidson

Sean Davidson

This JLR associate editor talks about his fascination with high-density lipoprotein and why he cringes when people call HDL the "good cholesterol."   

Service beyond science: For the future

For the future

Ph.D. candidate Pingdewinde Sam describes his journey to the U.S. and how he started a nonprofit to help the people of his native Burkina Faso. 



ASBMB 2020 award winners

ASBMB award winners

Meet 12 outstanding professionals who have been recognized by their peers for contributions to their fields, education and diversity. And learn a bit about the research they plan to present at the 2020 ASBMB Annual Meeting in San Diego.



JBC Classics: Snug as a bug in the mud

A bug in mud 

Two JBC classics show how anaerobic bacteria make unsaturated fatty acids.



A call for submissions

A career in the sciences is demanding, but some researchers find time to  give back to their communities, often in surprising ways.
Do you do volunteer work that is unrelated to your life in the lab?
Tell us about what you do and why.
Email for more information or submit here.


Lack of sleep affects fat metabolism

Sleep and fat

If a person gets only five hours of sleep a night, they find a high-fat meal less satisfying, and the lipids they consume are quickly stored, according to a new paper in JLR.  

Researchers clock DNA's recovery time

DNA recovery 

DNA in noncancerous tissue damaged by chemotherapy is mostly good as new within two days, Nobel laureate Aziz Sancar's lab reports in JBC.  


This protein makes antibody drugs work

An antibody drug helper

Could differences in post-translational modifications to a natural killer cell receptor affect how well antibody therapy works? An MCP paper addresses the question.



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