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October 2019 
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Biochemistry of a burger

Can Impossible Foods change the world?

Pat Brown gave up his position as a Stanford professor to run a company that makes meat alternatives — and he's used his training as a biochemist to create a beefy-tasting plant-based burger.


Sandhya Visweswariah

Q&A in India 

Sandhya Visweswariah, one of her country's most prominent women in science, talks about the balancing act between her research and the traditions of Indian society. 

Elaine Fuchs

Under the skin 

If Elaine Fuchs had been born a century earlier, she may have been a naturalist rather than one of the most decorated cell biologists of her generation.  


Better samples

Better samples 

An albumin biomarker can establish the integrity of frozen blood plasma and serum.


Science in San Diego

Annual meeting: the science in San Diego

The 2020 ASBMB annual meeting will be held in a city whose leaders lured the U.S. Navy and a host of biomedical institutions and biotech companies to their community on the southern California Coast. 


Parkinson's disease


A new protein may be involved in disrupting the destruction of damaged mitochondria.


Qi-Qun Tang

Qi-Qun Tang 

The JBC's first associate editor in China wants to improve the quality of scientific papers coming from his native country.  

Being a trans scientist

A trans scientist 

TL Jordan, a predoctoral student at the Mayo Clinic, describes the trials and rewards of being a trailblazer for nonbinary people in science. 


Searching for drugs on the ocean floor

Drugs in the ocean floor 

Paul Jensen of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego and his team search for marine microbes that can be developed into medical treatments.


First teeth control the rest

How the first tooth controls the rest

Yann Gibert, an associate professor of cell and molecular biology the University of Mississippi Medical Center, uses zebrafish to show how dental rows each start with one or two teeth that initiate a wave proximally and distally.


A professor among prisoners

A professor amid prisoners
While volunteering at a women's prison in Michigan, Ruma Banerjee met an inmate of the same age whose life had followed a very different path.



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