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August 2019 
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The careers issue

The careers issue

We share advice on everything from running an R&D project to using business cards to treating midcareer malais. Plus stats on where Ph.D.s end up in the working world and more. Check it out, and pass it.  


Setting sail in a startup

Academic startup 

Sometimes a professor believes in their research so much — or sees such significant future value in it — that they take the plunge to found a company. How do they do it?  

Meet Mike Shipston

Mike Shipston

At the University of Edinburgh, he studies the conundrum of how the same mechanism acting on a protein can produce two completely different outcomes.  


A promiscuous inhibitor

A promiscuous inhibitor

To pinpoint which kinase targets are most therapeutically relevant in cancer cells, researchers in Boston write in the Journal of Biological Chemistry that they used a new method exploiting the multitargeted nature of a chemical inhibitor.


Hyperefficient photosynthesis


A Canadian research team reports on how cyanobacteria finesse one of the most wasteful steps in photosynthesis by boosting the efficiency of a critical enzyme  called Rubisco.  

From the journals

From the journals

British researchers work to curb the neurotoxic effects of beta-amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease. Read about this work and more in our latest roundup of papers from the ASBMB's three journals.


Scouting for science

Scouting for science

Ana Zambrana became a Scout in Uruguay at the age of 8. She's found that many of the skills she learned are useful in her career as a scientist. 



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