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June/July 2019 
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Personalized protocols

Personalized protocols

Mandated by law, mental health accommodations can help some students and researchers succeed in the lab — but first they have to ask.


High school LINKS program

LINKS program

Started by Edward Li in 2013, the High School LINKS program at Saint Joseph's University brings biology undergraduates into local high school classrooms to lead special courses on genetic disorders and biodiversity.

Research spotlight: A metabolic link

A metabolic link  

Melanie McReynolds, a postdoc at Princeton, studies how the molecule nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which decreases with disease and age, is produced and used. She shares her insights to motivate younger scientists. 


Listening to ketamine

Listening to ketamine

The fast-acting drug offers a new way to treat depression and fathom its origins. Recent approval of a nasal spray promises to expand access, but much remains unknown about long-term use and the potential for abuse. 


Outfitting T cell receptors for special combat

T cell receptors 

They are engineered to float freely like antibodies, then bind tightly to infected cells.



(Bio)chemical elements: Atomic Nos. 6 and 7


This month, we focus on carbon, with atomic No. 6, and nitrogen, with atomic No. 7, two abundant reactive nonmetals that share electrons with other atoms by forming several covalent bonds.

Science at a small college


Now a grad student in biochem at the University of Kentucky, Kerri Beth Slaughter explains how a quiet student can come out of her shell at a small college, with the help of creative professors and Play-Doh.



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