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March 2019
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Researchers on the rise

Researchers on the rise

The editors of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the Journal of Lipid Research and Molecular & Cellular Biology will host talks by 14 early career investigators  working on the forefront of their fields during the ASBMB annual meeting in April. Read about these scientists and their work.


Image workshop

IMAGE workshop

Attending a 2016 workshop inspired Syracuse University assistant professor Carlos Castañeda to rethink his whole approach to grant writing.  

Meet Phyllis Hanson

Phyllis Hanson

This JBC associate editor and protein–membrane researcher is now chair of biological chemistry at the University of Michigan Medical School.



From the journals

Cell de-fusion

Canadian researchers used phosphoproteomics to determine how a protein phosphatase regulates signaling pathways.


Reproductive proteomics


A special issue of Molecular & Cellular Proteomics features a collection of articles highlighting recent discoveries in sperm and egg biology in organisms from humans to insects — including the capacitation of crocodile sperm.  

(Bio)chemical elements x 3

Elements x 3

Quira Zeidan marks National Kidney Month and the third month of the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements with a focus on three elements central to renal function: sodium, potassium and chlorine.




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