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February 2019 
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Making Type O

After a 10-year decline in transfusions and donations, the goal of generating universal blood might be making a comeback. We take a long look at the state of the blood industry and the work of researchers who are using gut bacteria to modify the sugars on red blood cells.




When organizers of a science outreach conference decided to ditch the script and let participants set the agenda, no one knew quite what to expect.

Student's conference guide

Student's guide 

A conference veteran offers instructions on everything you need to know for your first ASBMB annual meeting, from creating a poster to follow-up emails. 


Black History Month

Read and reflect

To mark Black History Month, we offer a collection of articles and essays that address the experiences of people of color working in the life sciences and other STEM disciplines.


Wasp venom

Wasp venom

When researchers subjected an elusive and insidious venom to RNA sequencing and proteomic analysis, they found that its components include hundreds of identified neurotransmitter hormones and peptide precursors.  

Elusive cancer target

Cancer target

NSD2 is overactive in a type of leukemia and certain multiple myelomas, and it's hard to work with, but researchers have found a system to speed up the discovery of compounds that will block this enzyme's activity.  


Accreditation perspectives

Accreditation perspectives 

Representatives of three diverse institutions explain what ASBMB accreditation in biochemistry and molecular biology has brought to their undergradate programs.



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