MCP Special Issue: Call for Papers - Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics Special Issue

Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics Call for PapersMay 4, 2015 - Molecular & Cellular Proteomics invites submissions for a special issue on chromatin biology and epigenetics. 
Special guest editors are:
Benjamin Garcia (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine),
Michael Washburn (Stowers Institute for Medical Research), and
Yingming Zhao (University of Chicago)
Epigenetics refers to mechanisms that regulate gene expression in the absence of DNA sequence changes (e.g., histone post-translational modifications [PTMs], DNA modifications, and small non-coding RNAs). In recent years, epigenetic mechanisms have been found to impact a diverse amount of fundamental biological functions and human diseases.
In keeping with the broad scope of chromatin and epigenetics, we seek contributions of a diverse nature including research involved with chromatin remodeling, transcription, chromatin modifications (either protein or nucleic acids); novel technology and computation for epigenetics research, merging proteomics and epigenomics approaches; as well as studies dealing with chromatin signaling pathways culminating in inheritance of gene expression patterns, thus influencing proteome abundance. Both mini-reviews and original research papers are encouraged.  Suggested topic areas include but are not limited to:
  • DNA and histone modification
  • The role of miRNA expression in reprogramming gene networks
  • The role of chromatin protein PTMs and chromatin protein complexes in modulating transcriptional and epigenetic processes
  • Novel proteomic approaches to investigate distinct facets of epigenetics research
  • Mass spectrometry for structural biology studies in epigenetics
  • The role of the environment/nutrition in mediating epigenetic alterations
  • Epigenetic mechanisms involved in human diseases
  • Epigenetic influence of the proteome
The deadline for submission of manuscripts is July 1, 2015, with publication by the end of the year.
(Image courtesy of Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) 2005)