Online now: February 2014 issue of ASBMB Today

Cover of the February 2014 issue of ASBMB TodayFeb. 4, 2014 — The cover story of the February issue is about white spot syndrome virus, which threatens shrimp and those who make their living cultivating them. Benjamin D. Caldwell, dean of the Missouri Western State University Graduate School, writes about what it’s like to become a member of the administration, or, as some say, to move over to “the dark side.” Our “Open Letters” series continues this month with a piece from Akshat Sharma, who submitted a version of a letter he once sent while applying to a science-writing program (before he decided to stick with immunology). For those of you considering attending the ASBMB’s symposium about massive online open courses at the annual meeting in San Diego in April, we have a roundtable-style Q&A with Joseph Provost and Michael J. Pikaart about the potential impacts of MOOCs and the implications for brick-and-mortar colleges and universities. Read the February issue.