Online now: January 2014 issue of ASBMB Today

Features new design!

Cover of the January 2014 issue of ASBMB TodayJan. 3, 2014 — The cover story of the January issue features Jennifer Fairman, the medical illustrator recruited to help produce a special issue of the journal Molecular & Cellular Proteomics. Our editorial board chairman, Charles Brenner of the University of Iowa, demystifies faculty salaries, and contributor Joe Tiano of the National Institutes of Health shares advice and resources for making sure your digital footprint doesn’t hamper your job search. Journalist and photographer Michael Mira launches to reader-contributed part of our Open Letters series with “a belated love letter” to his first-grade science teacher. You probably noticed that we have a new logo. Find out more about our redesign. Read the January issue.