2013 Undergraduate Poster Competition Winners and Honorable Mentions

The 17th Annual ASBMB Undergraduate Student Research Poster competition was held in Boston this year during the Experimental Biology 2013 conference.  More than 260 undergraduates submitted abstracts to this year's competition.  The following are the winners and honorable mentions.

Cell Signaling Best Poster Winner
Kelly Biette, Seattle University

Cell Signaling Honorable Mentions
Wesley Cai, University of Arizona
Tamara Escajadillo, CSU Dominguez Hills
Allison McCague, University of Delaware
Hannah McFarland, George Fox University

Nucleic Acids Best Poster Winner 
Theodore Roth, Stanford University

Nucleic Acids Honorable Mention 
Katherina Alsina, University of St. Thomas
Nicholas Arnold, University of Missouri
Kathryn Colelli, College of the Holy Cross
Cristina Lanzillotta, Loyola University of Maryland

Proteins & Enzymes Best Poster Winner 
Simona Bor, California State University Fullerton

Proteins & Enzymes Honorable Mention
Cody Johnson, Bucknell University
Zachary March, University of Delaware
Diep Nguyen, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Jennie Williams, College of the Holy Cross

Systems Biology Best Poster Winner
Amal Algahmi, University of Michigan - Dearborn

Systems Biology Honorable Mention
Jacqueline Cox, University of California Berkeley
Brandon Hernandez, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Emily Smith, Wright State University
Commodore St Germain, San Francisco State University