New JBC thematic series: Metals in Biology 2013

Fifth in a series that began in 2009

Cover of the JBC thematic minireview series Metals in BiologyMarch 29, 2013 — Today The Journal of Biological Chemistry releases the fifth thematic minireview series expanding on the critical role of metals in protein structures and nucleic acid biochemistry. As coordinating editor F. Peter Guengerich explains in the introduction to this series, “The minireviews in this 2013 series deal with the molybdenum prosthetic group (a pterin known as Moco), the (biosynthesis of the) M-cluster molybdenum prosthetic group of nitrogenase, the biosynthesis of the nickel-based metallocenter of the enzyme urease, several of the processing, transport, and medical aspects of cobalamins, and the growing roles of heme sensor proteins” All minireviews in this series are open access. Click here to access the thematic series Metals in Biology 2013.