2012 ASBMB HOPES Awardees

August 1, 2012 – Following on the heels of our successful 2011 STEM Outreach initiative, the society, with funding from NSF, made available a second year of seed grants to support college/university and K-12 outreach partnerships.  We are pleased to announce the finalist for the 2012 ASBMB Hands-on Opportunities to Promote Engagement in Science (HOPES) Seed Grant.  Each award is worth $2000 and is to be used to support the development of a K-12 STEM outreach project. 

The 2012 awardees are:

  1. From genes to proteins: Bringing hands-on molecular biology activities into middle school classrooms to promote STEM education – a collaboration between Robert Dutnall at the University of San Diego and Valentyna Banner, Aja Booker and Emily Vizzo from San Diego Global Vision Academy.
  2. Nurturing interest in biomedical science education among elementary students – a collaboration between Carmel McNicholas-Bevensee and J. Michael Wyss, at the University of Alabama Birmingham and Wayne Richardson at Deer Valley Elementary School.
  3. Promoting in-depth science exploration through guided individual projects – A collaboration between Maarten Chrispeels and Tamara Bhandari from the University of California San Diego and Camille Fowler from Garfield High School.
  4. One health: Disease diagnostics, surveillance and emerging Infectious diseases – acollaboration between Brinda Rana at the University of California San Diego, Karen Ferran, Esmeralda Iniguez-Stevens, Sarah Marikos from CA Office of Public Health, Nikos Gurfield from the Department of Environmental Health, Vector Disease and Diagnostic Laboratory and Kate O’Connor from San Diego High School. 
  5. Botano tech incorporated comparative plan genomics module – A collaboration between Cheryl Wlodarksi, Michael Goodbody and James Morris from Roosevelt Middle School, Laurie Smith from UCSD and Shirley Demer from Grant School.
  6. Research collaboration between Rodriguez High School and University of the Pacific –  A collaboration between Kevin Scully and Sophia Straun from Rodriguez High School and Kirkwood Land from University of the Pacific. 
  7. Stimulating 5th grade science students' interests through engaging hands-on inquiry-based lessons – A collaboration between Rachell Booth, Marilyn Banta and Corina Maeder from Texas State University San Marcos and Addie Woodard, Susan Brown and Cindy Matias from Hernandez Elementary School.

To learn more about the ASBMB HOPES awards, visit: http://www.asbmb.org/hopesgrant/